In the work environment we often spend time improving processes, improving systems, improving machinery and infrastructure, but how often do we devote time to improving our personal skills? It’s true enough to say that when people are adaptive and willing and they can move with the times but we can’t always know we are equipped with the relevant skills unless we take time to learn anew.

The purpose of this 360LEADERS Academy training course is to assist delegates to understand themselves as professionals, to find what they need to do to excel and remove issue which may be impeding personal success.

Familiarity with the workplace and with our own job can create a level complacency which may lead to poor performance if we don’t have a benchmark by which to judge ourselves.  It is surprising how little time modern managers and leaders spend on developing and honing their own skills.

To be effective in work you need to understand yourself, who you really are and how you view your self-image. This is very important because it is vital to discover the main reasons behind your successes and things less well achieved. Often what holds people back from achieving their full potential is the burden of other peoples’ expectations which they are often required to live up to. Breaking free from other people’s expectations and developing your own personal goals will establish you on a good path for success in life and work.

Perception of issues will often condition our thoughts and anchor us to beliefs which may be false. We need to scrutinize our judgement and perception sometimes, to determine a clear picture of the way things are. Once we have this clarity we will rapidly be able to make choices about the way we deal with situations. Everything will become easier and our performance will improve as a result.

Not only do we need to develop skills, but we also need to develop a healthy attitude towards work. The famous Author Stephen R Covey tells us that, in order to develop effective habits at work, we need to have:

  1. the knowledge,
  2. the skills and also
  3. the attitude towards achievement.

With all three of these working together we can be confident that high levels of effective performance will become habitual. Our attitude towards things can also affect our belief in the way things will turn out. For instance, “If we believe we will succeed, or we believe we will fail, we are probably right”. Henry Ford

There is also well supported theory about the way in which people learn which tells us we move through four stages from unconscious incompetence through to unconscious competence. The danger is once we reach the level of unconscious competence we tend to become over confident in our ability to achieve. We are prone to believing that the way we learnt things was the right way, and sometimes we fail to look for new ways of working. This can be particularly dangerous as the world moves on especially in ways of working such as the application of Information Technology.

So sometimes we need to move back one level to ‘conscious competence’. Like the first time we were allowed to drive a motor-vehicle on our own after we had just passed our driving test. We were very conscious of our surroundings and the fact that we were controlling the vehicle and it was responding to our touch. When we look back, it all seems so far away, and the driving has become second nature. This means we may pay less attention to what we’re doing and sometimes this can cause errors in judgement. So, the same applies in the workplace and we need to attend a programme where we can take time away and look at ourselves and revitalize our skills to jumpstart our performance once again.

If you are looking to improve your personal and business effectiveness than this Developing Personal Effectiveness with Positive Skills course will be of huge benefit for yourself and your company.