This is a highly informative and dynamic training course considers the importance of building alliances and relationships through the application of negotiation and persuasion. It also brings a focus on critical thinking processes which underpin better planning decisions in order to achieve success when negotiating alliances. The purpose of this training course is to provide delegates with information and explanations about the process of negotiating together with critical thinking skills and persuasion techniques to raise standards and equip them with the best practice that is available today. 

It is essential to have an established framework for effective negotiation starting with the planning process and this is covered significantly during the course. We all know the pressures in the workplace today and understand that sometimes we fail to set aside enough time to prepare for negotiations. This is why it is important to build on other skills such as critical thinking, persuasion and influencing.

Critical thinking helps us in many ways, especially when we are faced with a huge amount of information and opportunities which lie before us. Critical thinking is, in simple terms, the process of breaking down what you know and information you have and then evaluating and critically analyzing it in order to make an informed decision without biases. By understanding how to follow a simple process to achieve this we can speed up our effectiveness in preparing for a negotiation situation.

The course currently features:

  • How to apply critical thinking when planning for negotiations
  • Establishing a framework for effective negotiations
  • Understanding the importance of persuasion and interpersonal relationships

This Month delegates from Africa and the Middle East are enjoyed the cooler late Summer days in London and are learned tools and techniques which will enhance their negotiation expertise by attending this programme.

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