If you work in the industry today and Excel is the software you are using, then this course is perfect for you.  It is designed for those people who want to fully understand the benefits of using Excel to its full potential and learn how to solve their problems with an Excel functionality.  The course focuses on the most common functions and tools used in everyday work of any professional, and helps you prepare different analysis, reports and charts that will overwhelm your superiors and your peers.

Knowledge of Excel is the power that will help you avoid cumbersome hours of trying to manage the data you collect, and this course helps you in exceling at the use of Excel functions and tools for data analysis, report preparation and generation of powerful graphs and PivotTables.

Among the topics on offer are:

  • Excel functions and fundamental data analysis
  • Creating diagrams and charts in Excel,
  • Referencing the data from another sheets and workbooks,
  • Using the functions like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDIRECT, SUMPRODUCT
  • Combining the power of OFFSET and INDEX functions with Excel Solver,
  • Creating Dashboards and Infographics,
  • Using Data Analysis ToolPack Add-In
  • Naming cell ranges and using them in formulas,
  • Advanced functions, array functions and formulas
  • Data Tables, What If and Scenario analysis.

All of these combined will provide you with a knowledge essential for making your days’ work much easier and more productive.  On the course itself we work on the data and the problems provided by the delegates, so the theoretical knowledge is not the only thing you can take from this course, as we have already solved several real-life problems and helped delegates to deliver better solutions from the data they work with.

Come, let us learn Excel and also solve your problems together!

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