Last September, a group of delegates completed the highly popular ‘Successful Planning, Organising and DelegatingEnhance Planning Skills, Manage Resources and Improve Work Behaviours’ course in London.  They left the course with a deeper understanding, as well as powerful practical interpersonal skills, of how to lead and manage in this important area.

But, why is this skill so important?

Consider the following quotes:

‘……and, the best generals are those who arrive at the results of planning without being tied to plans.’   (Sir Winston Churchill, from the book: ‘“A Roving Commission: My Early Life” 1941.)

Or even a slightly popular, yet condensed version of a statement from President Dwight D Eisenhower, in a 1957 speech citing a saying that he heard many times in the Army, (but is often attributed to him directly):

‘Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.’

The key point to note from these two statements (and others of similar standing) being that it’s the skills in the act of planning: e.g. anticipating, organising, monitoring, ‘what if…’ etc., are far more important than the plan itself.  The plan will invariably move, change, adapt.  In some cases, the plan is out-of-date as soon as it’s published.

What ever level in the organisation, from strategic planning to planning a new office move, planning requires the same skills and techniques.  These skills and techniques are not just confined to the technical, project planning skills – but more importantly – need to include behavioural, environmental, cultural, leadership and psychological inputs.

You will need to ensure that your organising and delegating skills are at your best as well.  The old adage: ‘You can lead a horse to water – but you can’t make it drink’, plays a vital, and important part in understanding this process.  Even if you have the best plans in the world – if you can’t win the ‘hearts and minds’ of your team members – then it is all for nothing.  This requires exceptional behavioural, and interpersonal leadership.

The highly engaging and thought-provoking 360LEADERS Academy training course ‘Successful Planning, Organising and Delegating: Enhance Planning Skills, Manage Resources and Improve Work Behaviours’ will provide the key behavioural and interpersonal skills, supported by relevant psychological models and concepts, to excel your expertise in leading and managing in this important area.

You will learn powerful, practical tools and skills that can be immediately used in the workplace to provide successful planning and organising of others.  In addition, you will the ‘correct’ way to delegate through strong psychological and interpersonal techniques designed to provide buy-in and commitment from others.

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