This 360LEADERS Academy programme seeks to equip the manager, with the knowledge, tools and techniques that ensure successful outcomes and boost confidence in the role.  There is no doubt that the task of management becomes increasingly complex as organisations strive to meet the challengers of the 21st century. Utilising a psychological approach to understanding the the “people paradox’ i.e. people are your biggest asset in achieving success but your greatest challenge to manage, this learning intervention equips both the new and the experienced manager with techniques to manage more effectively. Special focus is given to the “first time” manager and the often difficult transition rom “technical expert “to “people manager”. Progression is made from the basic tenets of planning, directing, leading and controlling to the more people focused activities of enabling, engaging, and enhancing performance. This reflects a “managerial leadership” approach; which bridges the divide between the two terms yet highlights their interdependence.

Central to the programme is the core theme of understanding self to understand those you manage. Without self-knowledge and management there is little expectation to lead others effectively. Psychometric assessment are used to offer reflective insights to set behavioural agendas for the future and harness the creative diversity of teams.  Activities are highly interactive and practical in content, delegates are introduced to a range of facilitative techniques to build there teams and generate collaborative practice that offer employees a voice to be heard. By encouraging a facilitative style of management delegates gain confidence in techniques that can raise their organisational profile and promote their career development.

Key elements include:

  • Understanding the psychology of personality and the diverse motivations that underpin behaviour
  • Leading creative problem-solving activities to address organisations issues 
  • How to build trust within the team and generate lasting productive relationships
  • Making performance management relevant in the organisation 
  • Generating a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in people processes and productivity

Delegates explore techniques that have immediate practical application and leave with a pragmatic tool kit. In so doing they build personal confidence and skills that will foster credibility within the wider organisation 

If this sounds of value to you, why not visit the 360LEADERS Academy web site? Review the feedback of this highly acclaimed course. Whether you are new to management seeking guidance or experience a manager wishing to revisit good practice, this programme will re-energise your practice.

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