When it comes to success, attributes like vision, communication, integrity, and curiosity never go out of style. In today’s business world, professionals must be able to manage themselves and manage others to achieve sustainable working relationships. This powerful training course focuses on developing the personal and interpersonal competencies that allow executives and managers to motivate and inspire others. It helps leaders become great communicators who know how to win respect, understanding and commitment.

In the 21st Century, organisations demand not only capable professionals, but also those who can conduct themselves with integrity and influence others. Sustainability requires creativity, innovation and change. Professionals who can manage themselves and manage their relationships with others will provide that vision for a successful future.

Some of the enlightening topics you will develop include:

  • Listening, the key attribute of leadership
  • Clarity of vision so audiences understand and want to follow
  • Commitment based on integrity, respect and collaboration
  • Engagement of team members to drive curiosity and creativity
  • Communication in influencing innovation and change

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