A robust policy framework that is designed to be tied to these overarching strategic goals, will resonate and be effective for all employees. When employees understand this alignment, this builds towards a shared sense of purpose, that ultimately, all work is tied in towards common strategic goals. As a result, this meaningful alignment creates an effective and optimal organization.

Effective Policy and Procedures details the key processes to owning, developing, writing and implementing policies and procedures in both the public and private sector organisations.

 “When new and reviewed policies are continuously aligned to strategic goals, it is the common thread that unites work and employees in a strong sense of objectives and purpose.” asserts Performance and Policies leader and international trainer, Junaida Abdul Hamid, “this in turn creates an optimal and sustainable organization”.

Among the topics on offer are:

  • Hierarchy of documents and types of procedures
  • The structure and typical contents of Policies and Procedures
  • The role of Policies and Procedures
  • Considering Workflow and Automation
  • Developing procedures – the systematic approach
  • Flow diagrams and process maps
  • Considering Organisational Culture and Values

Accumulatively, all these areas of engagement together with best practices, benchmarks and key templates provide an authoritative toolkit to develop and implement effective policies and procedures to engage internal and external stakeholders.

Appropriately, the course finishes with a proven checklist and definitive action plan to guide successful policy implementations at organizations.