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Why Choose this Online Training Course?

This The 360 Leaders Academy online training course provides an important insight into the operation of electric machines and industrial process parameters, industrial sensors, transmitters and actuators and finally selection of appropriate analogue or digital controllers to analyze equipment responses and behaviour against different incidents and system disturbances.   

Instrumentation and Process Control involve a wide range of technologies and sciences and they are used in many applications. Examples range from the control of heating, cooling and hot water systems in homes and offices to chemical and automotive instrumentation and process control. This online training course is designed to cover all aspects of electric motors and industrial instrumentation, such as sensing a wide range of variables, the transmission and recording of the sensed signal, controllers for signal evaluation, and the control of the manufacturing process for a quality and uniform product.

This online training course will feature:

  • Operation and control variables of electric machines, start-up, major faults
  • Instrumentation techniques applied to industrial devices such as valves and pumps
  • Introduction of modern techniques for monitoring and control of industrial processes
  • Application of operational amplifiers in open and closed loop controllers
  • Introduction of SCADA and DCS systems, and PLC ladder logic programming

The Certificate

  • An The 360 Leaders Academy e-Certificate for delegates who attend and complete the online training course